A Choose Your Own Adventure Twine game that is exactly what you expect.

You've taken a $#!t and there's no toilet paper. How can you even survive? 

Based on a true experience like many of you may have had.

16 Different Endings To Experience! There's even a couple random encounters hidden! The full game only takes a few minutes to play so it's quick and easy to replay the scenario.

Content warning for mild adult language and scatological humour. 

This is a comedy interactive fiction game by Christopher Francis. If you like this, please let me know! Also follow me on Twitter @awriterforhire and I review movies on Instagram @cinemawithcj

For more writing by me, please check out www.awriterforhire.co.uk and www.cinemawithcj.com

Look out for more interactive fiction from me in the future!


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haha, I love this, great 'imagination'